Top Google Position – Misleading Adwords Calls

Yes they are at it again (or still) The companies from UK and elsewhere including New Zealand who call you and tell you that they can guarantee you the top position in Google. They are very plausible and persistent and can be quite aggressive.

What they often don’t make clear, is that they are just selling you a Google AdWords campaign. You can already do that yourself (or we can for you). It is not “rocket science”. With AdWords, achieving top position is just a case of paying enough money per click. No problem with that as long as you get a decent return on your investment. We can get you a top position if you want to pay enough for Adwords too! But we prefer to use other “real” methods.

So don’t be talked into these expensive Adwords campaigns that probably won’t give you the required return or any sufficiently transparent information and reporting. The actual “cost per click” can be very high.

And certainly don’t get locked into contracts with them. There are too many stories about people who got locked into long contracts for very little return.