Using Google Adwords Vouchers


Please note – the voucher is usually actually for AdWords Express – a stripped down version of the full Google AdWords that only targets a local audience.

The main differences are as follows:

Express is a very automated version of AdWords

In the Express version, you cannot do keyword analysis or research bid price, which means that your resulting PPC campaign won’t be as good as a well-researched campaign.

Express sets your campaign’s reach and visibility based on your location. The ad only shows on computers within a maximum 65km radius – so is very locally focused.

Express only allows a limited number of keywords (limiting the traffic on your site), you cannot mark specific keywords as inappropriate, you can’t define exact matches or use other tools to improve your campaign’s performance.

The reporting with Express is limited and automated. So it is much harder to assess whether the money you are spending on a campaign is giving a good Return on Investment (ROI).

After the initial set up of any full Adwords Campaign, a major benefit is in being able to measure results and adapt and revise the campaign as you go in order it improve performance and return.

This may not be possible with an automated Express Campaig, but is on a full AdWords campaign.

To quote Google:

“AdWords Express is ideal if you prefer a low-maintenance advertising option, while AdWords provides you with more advertising options and more sophisticated controls. With AdWords, you control your keyword selection and bids, and you can target both locally and nationally, get advanced reporting, and take advantage of different ad formats such as video ads, and more.”

Our advice

Perhaps take the Express coupon and free set up on offer, at the minimum level of investment ($25) and after that is used up, convert to a full Adwords campaign.

Or talk to us about converting this $100 voucher for use on a full AdWords account straight away.

Monitor and adjust the campaign as the data comes in (or have us do this for you), especially in the first few months, to ensure best return on investment.

Continue with a full AdWords campaign if you feel that the results look hopeful. A full campaign will let you get the data you need to really see if it is working and make adjustments as required.

If you haven’t had a $100 voucher and wish to try AdWords, we can usually get one for you as long as it is for a new AdWords account.

We can assist with set up and management of either type of AdWords campaign. Just contact us for more information.