Various Domain registration scams

Here are a few of the many to watch out for..

1) Renewal of your existing domain

The first ones are for renewal of your existing domains. These emails just look like domain registration invoices that you need to pay. But they are from someone other than your current domain registrar. If you pay the invoice you end up transferring your registration to them and also paying a higher amount than you would have been paying with your current registrar. They often have options for 3 and 5 year registration.

You should know who your existing domain registrar is and how much you pay them. It should be somewhere from $29 per annum or it may be included in your hosting plan – stick with them unless you have any reason to change, especially if it is part of your hosting plan. If your renewal is already included you could end up paying twice.

2) New domain extension scams

These are letters that also look like invoices but they are for domain extensions that you do not own. Like or .com etc. Yes buy these if you like but do you need them? And you can also get these from your current registrar anyhow.

3) “Someone is stealing your domain name” scams

These emails suggest that someone is about to steal your domain name and that you should pay this company to make sure they don’t. They are actually saying that someone is trying to buy one of the other domain extensions that you don’t have and that they will make sure you get it instead. As above, you can do this yourself with your current registrar if you really want these extensions. This company will probably charge you heaps of money to investigate and check things out under the guise of doing you a favour by protecting your intellectual property.

All of these scams initially look important and very plausible. But if you think about it and READ THE FINE PRINT they are just misleading you or scaremongering.