What does Net Action do?

We are often asked to explain what we do that is different to others.

Net Action Ltd, which runs greatnewzealand.co.nz, primarily ensures that your site and business have the best Internet presence that they can. Increased sales to you is the end goal from this.

Search Engine Optimisation is at the core of our work but just looking back at the last week, here are some of the many things that we have dealt with for clients.

Complete Website audit
Complete Website Optimisation (SEO)

Fixing, highlighting or advising on:

Duplicate Google + page and profile issues
Duplicate Facebook business page issues
Facebook post recommendations to help searches
YouTube video issues
Linking YouTube and Google + etc
TripAdvisor reviews on Facebook page etc
Missing web site content, badly laid out pages, bad grammar, typos etc in content
Improving menu layouts
Image clarity issues – poor images
Broken email links on sites
Enhancing listings on newzealand.com (Tourism NZ)
Setting up listings on Yelp and other business directories
Checking & enhancing listings on Jasons, AA Travel and other NZ sites
Updating prices, info and images on listings
Adding NoODP tags to site
Ecommerce tracking
Site redevelopment options
Mobile website issues
CMS / WordPress issues and Plugin security updates
TripAdvisor badges, reviews, business listings etc
Foreign translation on sites
OTAs like booking.com etc
Google Account login and security information
Filtering spam sites from Google Analytics
Checking Google Analytics anomalies
Google Webmaster Tools
Google+ Page custom urls and page optimisation
Google Maps – location and old images
Google reviews
Domain name registration issues
Website hosting issues / options
XML Sitemaps
Changing email address to look more businesslike
Social buttons on websites
Branding or name changes and how to manage these
General industry and product feedback

and more…

So pretty much anything to do with a website including things that you may not even know are important or broken.

If you have a Tourism site and are seriously interested in it having the best Internet presence that it can, and giving users the best experience to encourage them to purchase from you, then get in touch with us for a no obligation discussion. Just reply to this email or phone Ron or Sue on 07 866 3929

We specialise in NZ Tourism businesses. We haven’t yet found a site that we can’t assist with in some way.

You can read more about us at http://www.netaction.co.nz/our-services/
Testimonials are at http://www.netaction.co.nz/about-us/testimonials/
and some case studies at http://www.netaction.co.nz/about-us/case-studies/

Contact Ron or Sue by email or on 07 866 3929